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Nikola Trbojevic

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Research Keywords

  • Archaeology
  • Environmental History
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Palaeoenvironments

Research Summary

I am interested in quantifying the degree of past human impacts on natural resources and also in which way we can use these quantifications through Agent-Based Modelling for examining complex patterns of ecodynamics in interactions between different kinds of human communities and the environment in the past. My ongoing PhD research is focused primarily on clarifying the impact of Settlement on woodland resources in Viking Age Iceland and explaining in detail what the rate of exploitation was, what part each of the requirements of the landnám population played in the overall process of deforestation and what is particularly important for understanding the landnám economy and its impact on vegetation - how the needs, interests, aims and concerns of individual settlers (tenants and/or large land-owners) overlapped and affected the state of the woodlands during this period.


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Primary Affiliation

University of Iceland
Graduate Student
Sćmundargötu 2

Phone: + 354 616 8505

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