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Michael Smyth

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Research Keywords

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Climate
  • Palaeoenvironments
  • Soils

Research Summary

My participation in GHEA sprang from exploring the far-reaching impact of Arctic climate change on the tropical Maya lowlands. As Norse peoples expanded across the North Atlantic in the 9th century AD, the Maya were suffering from severe cultural disintegrations. My multidisciplinary research team is currently working at the Maya center of Xcoch in the Puuc region of Yucatan to try and understand the role of climate change, environmental impact, and human responses. Drought cycles and intense efforts at rain water retention and management are now being documented at Xcoch and vicinity, including settlement patterns and cave contexts. It is becoming increasingly clear that climate change in the Arctic had profound cultural consequences for tropical regions like the Maya lowlands. We hope to better understand such phenomena and provide useful cross-cultural insights into the effects of global climate change.


Michael Smyth's resumé/CV is available here.

Primary Affiliation

Foundation for Americas Research, Inc.
787 Night Owl Lane
Winter Springs
United States of America

Phone: 4076966644

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