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Brooks Lawler

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Research Keywords

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Palaeoenvironments

Research Summary

I am a graduate student at University of Alaska Fairbanks, studying archaeology. My research is based in geochemical analysis of stone artifacts and prehistoric landscape use. I am interested in how prehistoric individuals obtained and transported toolstone, and how different types toolstone was manufactured and functioned. My work is based in Interior, Alaska. However, I am enthusiastic about collaborating across disciplines and internationally to understand changing climate effects on human use of the landscape, and how humans have managed changing and stable environments in the past. I am particularly interested as well in engaging in discussions of threats to global heritage, both anthropological and environmental.


Brooks Lawler's resumé/CV is available here.

Primary Affiliation

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Graduate Student
P.O. Box 751904
United States of America

Phone: 443-756-9367

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