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Tate Paulette

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Research Keywords

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Written sources

Research Summary

My current research focuses on agriculture and political economy in Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia. Since 2002, I have worked as a part of the MASS Project (Modeling Ancient Settlement Systems in a Dynamic Environment), an interdisciplinary effort to develop an agent-based computer simulation that captures the complexity of socio-political relationships and human-environment interactions in Bronze Age Mesopotamia. My dissertation – a case study for the MASS project – is built around a detailed examination of the archaeological and written evidence for grain storage in Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium BC. The goal is to chart the development of centrally managed storage systems, while also investigating the ways in which these systems articulated with or came into conflict with the practices of households and local communities. In addition to my dissertation research, I am currently serving as an excavation supervisor at the sites of Hamoukar and Tell Zeidan in Syria.


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University of Chicago
Graduate Student
1155 E 58th St
United States of America

Phone: 773-702-9512

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