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Anne-Marie Faucher

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Research Keywords

  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology
  • Environmental History
  • Palaeoenvironments

Research Summary

I am interested in human/plant relations towards the study of plant remains on archaeological sites. I did an M.Sc in Human Palaeoecology looking at the agricultural practices and wood procurement at the site of Everley Broch, Atlantic Scotland. I am now studying human/plant interactions in the Caribbeans (Barbuda and French Guiana) for my Ph.D research. I will be looking at charcoal, seeds, pollen, starch and phytoliths in order to reconstruct past ecologies and economies and better understand human impacts on the landscape in these two regions.


Anne-Marie Faucher's resumé/CV is available here.

Primary Affiliation

Université Laval
Graduate Student
650, Francis-Byrne, #115
G1H 7N9

Phone: 1-418-704-2831

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