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Christyann Darwent

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Research Keywords

  • Archaeology
  • Human Geography
  • Marine Ecology
  • Palaeoenvironments
  • Terrestrial Ecology

Research Summary

I approach the archaeological record from the study of animal bone remains (zooarchaeology). My focus is on the northernmost regions of the Arctic where the quantity and diversity of animal resources is relatively low, and how people adapt to resource fluctuations in these marginal areas. I have worked on the Great Plains, in British Columbia and in Nunavut. I currently co-direct projects focused on the origins and development of Thule culture in the Bering Strait region (Cape Espenberg, Kotzebue Sound, Alaska) and in Northwestern Greenland (Inglefield Land, Smith Sound/Kane Basin) and collaborate with palynologists, geomorphologists, dendrochronologists, archaeoentomologists, and lithic, bone and wood technology specialists from Canada, France, Greenland, and the US.


Christyann Darwent's resumé/CV is available here.

Primary Affiliation

University of California, Davis
Associate Professor/SL/Reader
Department of Anthropology
One Shields Avenue, University of California
United States of America

Phone: 530-752-1590

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