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Kirsty Maclean

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Research Keywords

  • Palaeoenvironments

Research Summary

My current research interests are focused on environmental change within the North Atlantic, and Iceland in particular. My PhD research aims to determine the seasonal timing of past volcanic eruptions within Iceland, with a view to assessing how seasonal timing affects eruption impact on both human populations and the environment. A research methodology is currently under development, but will involve examining preserved vegetation surfaces in waterlogged bogs immediately under tephra layers. This will be applied first to eruptions of known season. An index of botanical seasonal indicators will be developed, in conjunction with local climate models which will be used to constrain the impact of climate change on plant growth stage. An environmental model will then be developed which, once tested against eruptions of known season, will be used to determine the timing of the great prehistoric eruptions of Hekla 3 and 4, and the historic eruptions of Eldgja 938 and Veidivotn 1477.


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Primary Affiliation

The University of Edinburgh
Graduate Student
Institute of Geography, School of Geosciences
Drummond Street
United Kingdom

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