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Laura Comeau

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Research Keywords

  • Climate
  • Environmental History
  • Natural Resources
  • Numerical Modelling

Research Summary

The quantity and distribution of snow across landscapes and timing of the spring
snowmelt is key to a diverse range of Arctic processes, from the hydrological cycle through to human-environment interactions such as reindeer herding, livestock grazing and hunting. Many snow-covered landscapes are remote and lack observation data, and models are therefore valuable tools for understanding and simulating temporal and spatial variations in snow cover. Physically based, high resolution snow distribution and melt models are tested through fieldwork in Sweden and Norway. The aim is firstly to determine the most robust method of modelling snow distribution and melt across regional landscapes with limited data availability. Secondly, to apply models to understand and project variations in snow cover as a result of landscape and climate change, and to explore the implications for Arctic populations.  


Laura Comeau's resumé/CV is available here.

Primary Affiliation

University of Edinburgh
Graduate Student
Institute of Geography
Drummond Street
United Kingdom

Phone: 07740359109

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