GHEA: GHEA Session Summary and Abstracts ICASS VII June 2011

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GHEA was well represented at the IASSA and the 7th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences June 22-26 Akureyri Iceland hosted by the Stefansson Arctic Center. The GHEA session was well attended and our posters attracted much positive comment from participants and NSF program officers. Here are a conference summary, abstracts, and pdf versions of the powerpoints presented.

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GHEA_Session_Summary_and_Abstracts_ICASS_VII_June_2011.pdfConference program and abstracts
ICass_GHEA_Intro_McG_revised_for_posting.pdfPowerpoint McG intro
Hoover_and_Dicke_online_version_of_ICASS_presentation-1.pdfHoover and Dicke_online version of ICASS presentation-1
icass_2011_imjdjg_for_posting.pdficass 2011 imjdjg for posting
ICASS_Orri_McG_et_al_for_posting.pdfICASS Orri McG et al for posting
Ingram_ICASS_presentation_22__June_2011_Text_and_Slides.pdfIngram et al LTVTP/NABO collaboration for posting
Ingram_ICASS_presentation_22__June_2011_Text_and_Slides.pdfWoollett et al Svalbard project for posting
Perdikaris_2-ICASS2011_for_posting.pdfPerdikaris et al for posting