GHEA: GHEA Research Coordination Network Proposal Project

Project Leaders: Thomas McGovern (project owner)
Seth Brewington
Mike Church
Jago Cooper
Stephen Dockrill
Ronald E. Doel
Andy Dugmore
Ben Fitzhugh
George Hambrecht
Ramona Harrison
Megan Hicks
Keith Kintigh
Tim Kohler
Jacqueline Mulville
Margaret C Nelson
Anthony Newton
Richard Oram
Sophia Perdikaris
Amanda Schreiner
Peter Schweitzer
Payson Sheets
Ian Simpson
Konrad Smiarowski
Orri Vésteinsson
Jim Woollett

Project Type: Collaboration

GHEA Project Collaborators

Start: November 10 2010
End: November 5 2011

Link to Products: AAAS 2012 Conference

Link to Products: GHEA Session Summary and Abstracts ICASS VII June 2011


Global Human Ecodynamics Research Coordination Network: Meeting the Belmont Challenge through Transdisciplinary Collaboration

The Story So Far: In October2010 Anna Kerttula urged GHEA to launch at the Nov 2010 RCN deadline with a series of conferences. Initially Tom McGovern (CUNY), Ben Fitzhugh (U Wash), Peter Schweitzer (U Alaska), Peggy Nelson (ASU), Andy Dugmore (Edinburgh/SAGES), Tim Kohler (Wash State) agreed to make a run at this deadline. McGovern agreed to run the proposal through CUNY to take advantage of the low 26% overhead and agreed to take on all the issues (CV’s Current and Pending etc.) associated with this. Yes –“ a bridge too far” was my file name for this project! This would be about $500k over 4 years of meetings and workshops and team-to-team brainstorming sessions.

  On mature reflection we decided to wait a year for the submission of the RCN proposal both because all possible PI’s were heavily committed to writing other grants due this same month, and (more importantly) we all felt that having a small coterie of people speed write a proposal for a set of meetings which will effectively define GHEA’s direction for the critical early years was totally contrary to the inclusive “r-selected” bottom up organizational spirit of the GHEA alliance and the Eagle Hill conference that kicked this all off. Far better to take the time to do it right, involve a wide community as promised, and to use the experience of collective grant production to help grow GHEA and draw in many more good people (many we don’t know yet). GHEA is all about connecting people, initiatives, and institutions  all moving in the same or similar directions in resilience, sustainability, and global change research and education.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please contact with ideas and suggestions.