GHEA: Caribbean Human Ecodynamics

Project Leaders: Jago Cooper (project owner)
Sophia Perdikaris

Project Type: Conference

GHEA Project Collaborators

Start: 1st Dec. 2010
End: 01 Aug 2011

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Link to Products: Caribbean Human Ecodynamics Session: IACA 2011


Caribbean Human Ecodynamics Session:

Session for the 24th IACA Congress, Martinique 2011

This session will focus on human-climate-environment relationships in the pre-Columbian Caribbean. The Caribbean has seen dramatic changes in paleotemperature, paleoprecipitation and paleotempestology throughout the Holocene due to the vulnerability of the region to fluctuations in North Atlantic Climate systems. These impacts of climate variability, coupled with the dynamic processes of social and environmental change hold important lessons for modern day communities given that “climate change is currently the most serious threat to sustainable development facing CARICOM states” (CCCCC: 6). The key aim of this session is to understand the dynamic interaction between climate variability, environmental change and the relative resilience of past human lifeways. Therefore papers are welcomed that include interdisciplinary case studies of past human experience of climate and environment at any and all spatial and temporal scales.  Key themes of threat, vulnerability, resilience and sustainability will be explored and discussed through comparative discussion of the case studies presented from throughout the Caribbean. Powerpoint presentations from the session will be available on the GHEA website after the conference.

CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY CLIMATE CHANGE CENTRE, C. 2007. Climate Change and the Caribbean: A Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change (2009-2015). First Congress for the Environmental Charter and Climatic Change, Caracas, 11-13 October 2007: CCCCC Report for CARICOM Heads of State.