GHEA: Under the Glacier: The fishing station at Gufuskálar

Project Leader: Lilja Palsdottir

Project Type: GHEA Project

GHEA Project Collaborators

Start: 2008
End: Ongoing


The Gufuskálar project is a joint effort of several institutions and scientists to rescue information on fisheries and their importance and impact in a global perspective. Different methods are used to fill in the picture; by excavating structures and middens, by using different survey methods, analysis of animal bones and artefacts etc.

One of the driving forces behind the Gufuskálar project is to gain as much archaeological information as possible before it gets lost due to very active marine and wind erosion. The information gathered will be used to put Gufuskálar in perspective, not only with its near surroundings or Iceland but also with the wider world where dried fish became a valuable commodity in the worlds economy.

Most of the other fishing station sites in Iceland have either eroded away naturally or been made to give way to new constructions/developments. Gufuskálar is also facing such a future if nothing is done to prevent the marine and wind erosion from taking its toll every year.

It is therefore also an important part of the project to try and find the best ways to stop or delay the destructive processes of erosion on the site by combining forces with projects in other countries where endangered sites are facing similar problems.