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Comparative Island Ecodynamics

This working group brings together researchers working in different island theatres around the world to examine how we can use the time depth of human experience to explore and understand the integrated dynamics of human-climate-environment relationships. Current research in the North Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean shows the exciting approaches being developed and this working group seeks to build on this progress by engaging comparative perspectives from specialists with different disciplinary and regional backgrounds. Recent papers by GHEA members have demonstrated the advantages of using recently developed techniques to produce high-resolution interdisciplinary data that enable the creation of integrated regional histories that reveal the multi-spatial and multi-temporal impacts of climate variability and environmental change on island societies. Building on recent NSF support for a five year Research Coordination Network grant under the Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability (SEES) initiative, this working group seeks to bring long term perspectives to the social, climatic and environmental vulnerabilities of island communities with the broader objectives of bringing practical lessons in mitigation and resilience to modern day communities facing the immediate threats of global change.


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