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GHEA Working Groups

This page lists all the GHEA Working Groups. Anyone can read the working group pages. Any logged in GHEA member can create or join a working group or post a message in a forum. Forum messages can be flagged to be read by anyone or only by logged in GHEA members. Suggestions for GHEA working groups.

Current Working Groups

Comparative Island Ecodynamics
This working group brings together researchers working in different island theatres around the world to examine how we can use the time depth of human experience to explore and understand the integrated dynamics of human-climate-environment relations ...[more details]
Global Change Effects on the Archaeological and Paleoecological Record--Identification and Response


This working group is focused on global climate change and the attendant serious threats to the global archeological record.  Archaeological sites and the associated paleoecological record hold a g ...[more details]

Knowledge Sharing and Data Archiving Working Group


This working group aims to enhance the sharing of information and knowledge both within and outwith the traditional academic arena.  The cross-disciplinary nature of human-ecodynamic research means that it is important tha ...[more details]

LTVTP/NABO working group

This working group is for the members of the LTVTP/NABO workshop to work on collective documents and presentations. For the time being it will be restricted to the members of this workshop. Once the material is ready for a larger audience it will ...[more details]

Resilience and Vulnerability to Climate Change

This working group has been created for the participants of the NABO/LTVTP workshop.

...[more details]
Sustainability Education and Community Engagement
This working group is focused on Education and Community Engagement. It is interested in effective immersion of students in interdisciplinary, international projects both in the lab and field while teaching them effective skills in outreach and commu ...[more details]
Test Working Group

This is a working group created for testing purposes only. Please do not join this group.



...[more details]
The Human Experience, insights from the UNDP Human Securities

It is essential that we understand not only the persistence of societies, but also what it was like -- the human experience -- of living in those societies.  One way of assessing this systematically is through the United Nations Development P ...[more details]

Threats to Global Heritage and the Distributed Observing Networks of the Past


This working group is focused on the issue of coastal erosion as it affects human communities past and present.  One the one hand, coastal erosion threatens many existing coastal communities today, ...[more details]