GHEA Background Documents

This page has links to a variety of background documents and information relating to GHEA.

GHEA was formed out of an effort to connect arctic/polar ecodynamics to the broader global context. GHEA has embraced this “north-south” effort and expanded it to support and build truly global human ecodynamic knowledge through case study comparisons, shared methodological developments, and a building of an international community of researchers working potentially anywhere in the world. This organization was inspired by a workshop on Long Term Global Human Ecodynamics held in Eagle Hill, Maine, in October 2009. Participants at that meeting, consisting of archaeologists, sociocultural anthropologists, historians, environmental scientists, modelers, and others with a shared interest in interdisciplinary research, education, and policy engagement concerning the dynamics of human-natural systems and the lessons that can be learned from the past and present concerning vulnerability, resilience, and sustainability of socioecological relationships. A working group emerged from that meeting tasked with finding a mechanism for more sustained community engagement on these topics. GHEA emerged as an entity with this purpose in April 2010.


Report and Community Statement: Global Long Term Human Ecodynamics Conference (Eagle Hill, Maine, October 14-18th 2009)

Historical background to the GHEA organization committee meeting in St. Louis in April 18th, 2010

Minutes of the Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance founding meeting (St. Louis, April 18th, 2010)